Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) generally allows a specialty practice to reduce and control operating costs, improve focus, access new capabilities, share risks with a partner company, and/or create free internal resources for other purposes. A successful BPO approach requires a proven partner that understands the unique realities of noncore workflow, practice administration, and management. Whether you’re seeking a partial or full BPO approach, we will tailor a solution that fits your requirements so you can focus on your independence.

Getting Started

Similar to bundles or ASCs, BPO is not only about cost reduction; it’s about strategic impact. In mid- to large-sized practices, the BPO business case may include improved flexibility and service quality. In small- to mid-sized groups, cost reductions may be particularly important because pooling activity volumes tends to permit cost leverage.

What It Costs

BPO pricing largely depends on the nature of the service offered, but most models use a multiyear commitment with a percentage of revenues approach. In some cases, a gain-share-based pricing approach is available.