In this age of patient-centered care and value-based payment, patient reported measures play a prominent role in performance assessment and comparative treatment effectiveness. Using proven, fact-based data-driven solutions tailored to your practice’s needs—no matter your level of sophistication—we’ll assess and optimize your approach to quality. You’ll be empowered to reduce financial waste, increase patient satisfaction, and improve patient-reported outcomes.

Getting Started

A solid, quality assessment starts with data collection and analysis. Whether your practice’s approach is automated or “dated,” we’ll help you create an overall strategy based on your business requirements and endpoints. After defining these goals, a variety of solutions are available to capture information and drive a prioritized approach.

What It Costs

One-Time Fixed Fee Includes:

  • Data Analytics

  • Workflow Streamlining

  • Optional ASC Accreditation/Regulatory Preparation

  • Optional Risk Mitigation Management

  • Optional Benchmark Training Services

Also Available at Additional Cost:

  • Patient-Reported Outcomes and Analytics Software Solutions