Business & Clinical Intelligence

We help clients put their data to good use.

  • Looking to grow your practice, but not sure where to start?
  • Know you deliver high-quality care, but don’t have a way to prove it?
  • Frustrated by fragmented data sources, and nobody to manage them?

Make Your Data An Asset

We help clients make sense of their business and clinical information (“data”).

  • Access data points and gather insights
  • Pull the information together into a story
  • Identify opportunities to optimize operations and improve the patient experience
  • Perform value indexing to inform decision-making
  • Prioritize where to begin

Why Revo?

We believe the future of healthcare is in the hands of physicians, and it’s our job to make data analysis easy, so insights can be at their fingertips.

  • Get there faster by leaning on our data application experts, often in partnership alongside your existing teams.
  • We’ll meet you where you are, whether that’s starting small with a single spreadsheet or going all-in with enterprise solutions.

Get Started

Skeptical? We welcome you to participate in our Revo Spreadsheet Challenge. You provide us with an existing spreadsheet, and we find real insights for you. There’s absolutely zero cost or obligation, we just think it’s a great way to start a conversation and prove we’re worth your time.

Contact Us to get started.

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